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Le Parc Wines
  • Chateau Deville £10.99
  • False Bay Pinotage £7.99
  • Domaine Des Gourdins
    Saint-Emilion £18.99

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Le Parc Charcuterie

If you are looking for delicious cured or smoked meats look no further than Le Parc deli! We stock a wide range of traditional British and classic Continental hams and sausages cut to order including: Le Parc British Charcuterie

British Dukes Hill Hams

All made from outdoor-bred British pigs raised with the highest regard for their welfare.

  • Shropshire Black Ham - This is a dry cured ham. What makes it different, however, and lends the uncooked ham its distinctive black rind, is a fortnight wallowing in a special marinade of molasses, juniper and spices. The hams are then left to mature for three months, during which time they develop their robust and distinctive flavour.
  • Wiltshire Ham - Wiltshire ham is cured for several days by immersion in brine, which gives it a wonderfully moist (but never wet!) texture. The addition of unrefined brown sugar to the recipe adds a subtle sweetness to this mild but delicious ham.
  • Honey and Mustard Ham
Le Parc British Charcuterie


  • Spanish Chorizo
  • Mortadella – Mortadella is pale pink in colour with an even sprinkling of pure white spots throughout each slice. The aroma of Mortadella is unmistakable and the flavour is full and balanced, with extra sweetness coming from the fat spots. Excellent with raw vegetables and in salads, and with cheese and fruit – pears in particular.
  • Prosciutto di Parma – Supple and velvety in texture, rosy in colour, and sweet-salty in fragrance this salt-cured pork comes from Italy's famed Emilia-Romagna region. Prosciutto di Parma is a staple in and around Parma, most often served sliced paper-thin served with a little bread or glass of Malvasia or Lambrusco.
  • Serrano Ham – A Spanish dry-cured ham with a deep flavour and aroma. Fresh hams are rolled in sea salt and hung from rafters for a year to 18 months to cure.
  • Milano Salami – This salami is produced with lean pork meat mixed with fat, minced and seasoned with salt, cracked peppercorns, ground white pepper and wine. It is cured for a period of 90 to 120 days. Milano Salami has a pale ruby red colour, an aromatic scent and a delicate, sweet flavour.
  • Bresaola – Characteristically intensely and uniformly red in colour with a delicate, slightly salty aroma, this is the only Italian cured meat made from specially selected beef haunches. The beef is seasoned with a special mixture of salt, pepper and other spices and cured in controlled humidity and temperature.
  • Monroy Lomo Chorizo
  • Speck – Speck is produced from pork haunches seasoned with a mixture of salt, garlic, bay leaves, pepper, juniper berries and nutmeg and left to rest for about 30 days. It is then smoked on iron girds in large fireplaces over maple and beech shavings. Reddish pink in colour, Speck has a spicy smoky flavour. It is best served sliced very thinkly with bread in order to appreciate its smokiness to the full.
  • Coppa – Coppa owes its name to the part of the pig from which it is made: the area around the back of the neck. The meat is reddish and marbled with pinkish white fat. It has a very decisive flavour that becomes more refined as the meat matures.

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