Best selected wines

Below listed wines are best choice of our customers:

Le Parc Wines
  • Chateau Deville £10.99
  • False Bay Pinotage £7.99
  • Domaine Des Gourdins
    Saint-Emilion £18.99

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Mon-Sat: 8am - 8pm
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Enquiry line

For private party and wine tasting enquiries please call us on 020 7923 0200 or email at info[@]

Le Parc Cheese

Here at Le Parc we are passionate about good cheese! We only sell cheese created by artisan cheese makers, using traditional methods of production.

Le Parc British Cheese

Best of British

We believe some of the best cheeses in the world are made here in Britain and because of this our cheese selection includes a wide range of traditional British cheeses. These are some of our favourites:

  • Snowdonia Cheese
    An exciting range of Welsh cheeses from the award winning Snowdonia Cheese Company.
    • Black bomber
    • Red Devil
    • Pickle Power
    • Bouncing berry
    • Ginger Spice
    • Green Thunder
    • Amber Mist
  • Classic English Cheeses
    Top quality classics from around the country.
    • Quickes Smoked Cheddar
    • Quickes No Waste Cheddar
    • Lincolnshire Poacher
    • Grandma Singleton's Lancashire
    • Inglewhite Goats Cheese
    • Inglewhite Sheep Cheese
    • Somerset Brie
    • Aged Red Leicester
    • Colston Basset Stilton Oxford Blue
    • Lancashire Blue
  • Le Parc European Cheese Stock

    Best of European

    To round off our collection we use a smattering of European cheeses to give our customers the best possible selection. Our staple European cheeses are:

    • Brie de Meaux – Brie de Meaux delivers a soft combination of hazelnut and fruit aromas. Perfect with Champagne.
    • Isigny Ste. Mere French Brie – traditionally crafted by a farmers co-op in Normandy this brie goes well with fruit and chutneys.
    • Manchego – an aged Spanish cheese, made only with milk from Manchega sheep – these sheep graze the high plateau of La Mancha nibbling on wild herbs that give this cheese its distinctive taste and aroma.
    • Parmesan – straw-coloured hard cheese with a rich, fruity flavour. Perfect with pasta, rocket, figs, pears and wine!
    • Camembert – One of the most famous fresh soft cheeses – luscious and buttery with a thin edible aromatic rind.
    • Gruyere – This Swiss cheese is a hearty, piquant, hard cow's milk cheese. Rich, nutty, salty and slightly sweet to fruity in flavour.
    • Roquefort – Sheep milk blue cheese from the south of France. Tangy, crumbly and slightly moist.
    • Grana Padano
    • Ricotta
    • Mozzarella
    • Mascarpone
    • Emmenthal
    • Old Dutch master

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Wine Tasting Parties

Celebrate your birthday with special wine tasting session. Make a day and make it special. Just pop in 191 Stoke Newington Church Street, London N16 0UL. For more details please call us on 020 7923 0200.


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